KOi Zone

Koi Zone With Joey Acevedo

November 2017

Unscripted reality TV show

Home construction and design + animal rescue series based on main character Talent and his clients (preferably recognizable).

One hour per episode

Self contained hybrid of docu and formatted

7 to 10 episodes per season each featuring a special subject

Main characterJoey Acevedo, is a highly likable, even though tattooed, long haired and metalhead looking guy, who has a great passion to animal and determination to build a healthy environment for water pets in his client's backyards. The focus of his job is koi fish, because, as Joey says, “koi are a specific specie with a higher demands to a living conditions so if I build a pond good for koi (including which plants surrounds it), other animals, such as turtles and gold fish will feel happily there as well. Happy koi, happy all”.

He is a kind heart to animals with high professional skills in ponds and water garden construction, backed up with a good sense of a beauty in the design and profound knowledge of the field market. His crew includes two more people, one of whom is Joey's fellow brother. Both join Joey at different stages of the ponds construction and Joey teaches them to be able soon to spread his specific approach doing more of a good.

Joey has a great communication skills, he enjoys talking to clients and they find his crew “to be very entertaining”.

Each episode consists of four main parts:

Introduction: meeting the client, talk about their existing pond problems / wishes for the new one. Discussion of possible water pets and decision making for new yard's featured design elements;

Conflict: set up the task and struggle for the budget vs quality;

Struggle: the building. Client suffers disorder and mess in their yards. Shopping for backyard designing stuff and new water pets;

Happy end: introducing the pond: grand opening party with guests, introducing koi and other water pets to the pond, guests relax and share opinions on the result.

Miscellaneous: Talks with a “client”-person about their tough life business schedule, or / and discussing interesting details of the construction process, or / and a need of relaxation and privacy for a busy hard working people are happening here and there during the show in different parts of it.

Idea: Joey Acevedo, Vita Ramanenka

Producer / Talent: Joey Acevedo +1 (626) 484-2088
Producer / Director: Vita Ramanenka +1 (818) 334-9830

May – December 2017