KOi Zone TV

Koi Zone With Joey Acevedo

Unscripted reality TV show on YouTube

Landscape and home environment design and construction hints, animal rescue attitude, zen meditation techniques discussions, world cultures observation in the episodes of our series based on fast growing trend of loving Japanese zen style ponds with koi fish. Our hot hosts Joey Acvedo (digging into ground to build koi ponds) and Alina Kalinowska (digging into philosophy and spirituality of koi magic) are charming and entertaining.

Main characterJoey Acevedo, is a highly likable, even though tattooed, long haired and metalhead looking guy, who has a great passion to animal and determination to build a healthy environment for water pets in his client's backyards. The focus of his job is koi fish, because, as Joey says, “koi are a specific species with a higher demands to a living conditions so if I build a pond good for koi (including which plants are set up arround the pond), another animals, such as turtles and gold fish, will feel happy as well. Happy koi, happy all”.

He is a kind heart to animals with high professional skills in ponds and water garden construction, backed up with a good sense of a beauty in the design and profound knowledge of the field market. His crew includes two more people, twin brothers, who manage the speedway track team, including Austin Novratil - AMA Speedway Long Track Champion.

Joey has a great communication skills, he enjoys talking to clients and they find his crew “to be very entertaining”.

Alina Kalinowska is a charming positive girl with Polish roots, new to California. She came recently from London, where she studied for a master degree in Law and Finance. She's moved to the Golden State, driven by her inner call to become an actress and a producer at the Hollywood Dream Factory. Smart and curious, she helps Joey to rise a popularity of his business by talking with people about the spiritual and healing aspects of the koi zen environment.

Due to a lot of surprising findings while producing the show, WaveDPM's creative and ruling mind, Vita Ramanenka, has decided that there are plenty of information and reach vizualisation opportunities to make a profound full length documentary feature about the ups and downs in the process of interaction and mutual enrichment of different world's cultures. We speak about Japanese-American example. With our main character, the regular American tattooed baker guy, who builds originated from Japan koi ponds and Japanese gardens in California, we will follow the cultural and, of cause historical aspects of the process of morphing the Japanese zen garden idea into an American Favorite. We will show how hard and painful is the process of changing of one's attitudes and how valuable are the results.

We are currently entering the pre-production periode and are open to any partnership proposals.

Idea of the Koi Zone TV: Joey Acevedo, Vita Ramanenka

Producer / Host: Joey Acevedo +1 (626) 484-2088
Producer / Director: Vita Ramanenka +1 (818) 334-9830