Here we have a story of one aspiring uprising star in the entertainment industry, another cool example of "chasing the dream, The Golden California Dream". We are thrilled to watch this determinded, well educated and selfconfident girl going firmly through every obstacles to the selfrealization as she feels it in the very depth of her heart.

Since the very childhood years she imagined herself in front of the audience. Being a smart, serious and knowledgeable girl, Alina has decided she must become a lawyer, delivering words of fair and truth to the public. So she became an attorney at her home country and being doing well on it, was awarded Chevening Leadership Scholarship, prestigious UK government-based schlarship, to develop her skills and deepen knowledge at the MSc Law and Finance program at Queen Mary University of London.

But eventually the girl has realized she needs more than that. Her talent in playing music (violin), dancing and radiating the charm and light during any perfomances moved her into trying an acting carear and it appeared to be exciting.

Starting with acting classes in Great Britain and USA, she already joined several commercial projects, movies, TV shows, performed as a model and, finally, joined recently the Koi Zone TV.

Now, with the presence of Alina in the life of our Koi Zone, we've gained a bright beautiful ray of natural curiosity to add to the professional skills of Koi Zone TV's father Joey Acvedo.

In addition, Alina's business skills to communicate with people, her outstanding creativity in organizing things around to make it work with the result, made her a valuable asset to the core mind moving the show forward.

Contact in USA

Vita Ramanenka +1 (818) 334-9830