Phil Bearz production

Philip Filimonau. aka Phil Bearz

filmmaker, artist, traveler, script writer

Born in 1998

Been dreaming to become a cartoonist since his childhood, Phil, don't be fooled with his young age, starred already in several films, created a number of brand logos and illustrations, designed and implemented graphic motion opening titles for video shows, runs his trevel blog and just finished his first feature motion horror shortie Lignum

Lignum is a movie about teenagers who've met a terrible respond to their reckless behavior and disrespectful attitude to the Nature. Friend is been kept safe, enemy must die.

Phil was a co-script writer, director, co-cinematographer, editor and main character in his film.

Films, where he's appeared as an actor:

2005 - The Tale. Documentary (7 y.o)

2009 - Massacra Full length feature (11 y.o)

2017 - Lignum Short feature, own film (19 y.0)

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Contact in USA

Vita Ramanenka +1 (818) 334-9830

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