FLY. Music

Igor (Fly) Mukhin

composer, Sound producer, artist


Original music composing for all project of WaveDesign Production and Management

Hailing from Russia, Fly creates music and makes songs arangements using electronic sounds, samples, instruments and real guitars with a multy level processing and development since 1998.

Programms he works at are: cubase, protools, studio one, logic pro

At 2002 Fly would organize a heavy metal band Flymore which worked in a Nu Metal genre and even moved to Los Angeles at its last years, where signed A&R Worldwide as a promoting manager.

Since the very begining, Fly would create all Flymore's music and hold a strict control on the level of performance and recordings.

The band has been featured in a variety of music blogs including AntiMusic, NewMetal4U, UglyScene, DavePiper, Vitrolia and more. Band's first LP "Millenium IV V" was released in Great Britain in 2009 and its monthly promo tour had a big success in UK.

With their second album 'Mind Tricks' (EP), released in Los Angeles, CA, USA, Flymore has received an international airplay support of songs "Nothing Personal", "No One No More" and "F.O.N.M." in the United States, UK, Germany and South Africa.

The band broke up in 2013 due to inner personell disagreements, since that time Igor works as a recording engineer and sound producer at the BKR Studio (Ivanovo, Moscow region).

He also does a sound recording, editing and mixing for a movie and video production, composes music for unscripted reality shows and feature movies, writes songs in different genres.

Fly's best professional feature is he is a highly telented, if not to say genius, in feeling and knowing the music, always searching for a high standards of quality and current trends. We would say he is a pedantic nerd when it comes to composing or producing the music.

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