Christina Khramova

Singer, Model, performer

This bright and furious pop-rock singer says every step up on the stage to perform is the best and real rejoice of her life.

Her winning story has begun in 2009 when being a singer for the Charzille band she's got a Grand Prize on Taras Bulba Ukrainian national competition. In 2014 Christina has been selected a No 1 at the Supernova Star Search contest run by Holliwood producers for the same title reality TV show. At that time the Ukrainian Revolution has happen and Hollywood pros decided better not to be involved and put the project on hold. At the begining of this year, 2018, Chistina Khramova has become a national sensation when appeared on 'Voice of the Country' TV music show. People loved her instantly!

Still singing with the Rebel Rocks cover band, now Christina goes into creating her own songs and begins music project with the support of Igor Fly Mukhin (from Russia) to win the world with her charming look and powerful voice, enhanced with Fly's music.

Christina studied pop vocals and performing arts at Kiev State College of the Pop Stage and Circus Arts, later she has got a Master program at Boris Grinchenko Kiev University and got her Master in Vocal Science.

Whaterver the education is, Christina is devoted to singing and performing live. She's traveling a lot with her band and can sing in almost any genre of music, sad or funny, romantic or tragedy.

Contact in USA

Vita Ramanenka +1 (818) 334-9830