50% of rideshare trips start with the question: “What is the best food place here?”

Meet the CaliFOOD Book! A culinary guide of Los Angeles, designed to capture ride-share passengers. This photographic tour of signature dishes can be your new marketing tool. Passengers will see your food that looks too good to miss, change the address of the restaurant on the Lyft/Uber app and say, “Driver, take me there!”

70% of Lyft and Uber passengers are:

• Going to a restaurant

• Coming from a restaurant

• Going from restaurant to restaurant

• Going to a friends or family party

• Eating fast food, burgers or snacks on the way

The CaliFOOD book is a full colored publication, 86 pages. It is a collection of the high resolution, full page, close up photography, all images are the restaurants real food. Think about it as of an art album with beautiful photos turning food into art. The address and the name of the restaurant is seen right next to the photo.

The CALIFOOD book is an easy “picture reading”, free from pop-up advertising entertainment for riders while they go on a ride. It seats up at the back seat pockets right in front of passengers on Lyft and Uber cars in LA.

Authors of the CaliFOOD book are a team of experts in the food and marketing industry: Vita Ramanenka, an internationally experienced PR producer, TV news reporter and documentary filmmaker. David Solzberg, with 30+ years experience in the food industry, photographer and the owner of the award winning Solzberg Studios.

We came to this simple and beautiful idea thanks to Vita's almost two years of experience with Lyft driving all across LA and collecting a first hand knowledge about ride share passengers' common behavior.

Feel free to contact if:

• Your restaurant serves delicious food in Los Angeles

• You want car sharing passengers in Los Angeles to see your food

• Your meal has to be pictured in the book of top meals of Los Angeles

• You want to know details of how to become a part of the CaliFOOD Book