It is simple. We do it to spread the word around the world about people who make efforts (or/and money) on metal and/or punk music and culture. Because we love metal and punk music and culture.

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Our Story

Our story is short yet. We managed and promoted our bands and did our jobs (filmmaking and koi rescuing) and eventually met in California and then the Punk and Metal Booster just came to the life. No long plans, it just happen. Still doing our jobs, we spend our free time, which is not much, heh, to promote what we love - heavy metal music and punk free state of minds. Simple. \m/,

Meet the Team

Here are the team of us. We love what we do and we love heavy metal and punk. We are the metalheads with a punk attitude to life.

Vita Rama

Founder & Director

Documentary director, metal band manager, WaveDesogn Production and Management CEO

Joey Acevedo


Former Jet Black heavy metal band manager, Koi Zone TV host and producer

Phil Bearz

Correspondent & editor

Film maker, musician, artist

Next Steps...

Punk and Metal Booster channel is dedicated and devoted to a free-spirited, highdriven music and features people who make it available. The Punk and Metal Booster introduces in its short series musicians, sound producers, promoters, venues and labels managers and A&Rs, equipment developers and deliverers, it tells from their perspective how our favorite music is been made and brought out. The channel features a backstage of heavy metal and punk scene of our days. Subscribe the Punk and Metal Booster channel to get fresh episodes and to create a bigger following inspiring more info about people making punk and metal music available.
Design and motion of the Head opening title credit - by #philbearz
Our awesome opening music has been conducted performed and recorded by Anti-Clone band (Boston, UK) https://www.facebook.com/AnticloneHQ/ http://www.anticlonehq.co.uk/

Home of the show is Punk and Metal Booster channel on YouTube.