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What is a Koi Zone TV

Koi Zone TV is a joint project of the Hanako Koi Ponds koi ponds construction company and the WaveDesign Production&Management team. We cooperate to make people know why the correct building of ponds for fishesturtles, frogs, water plants is important. We love all living creatures and want them to stay healthy. We produce stories telling what is correct ponds for fish and water animals.

The other desire is to bring more of a beauty and zen and replace a difficulty of life with it. We believe people who can relax, can then enjoy things, and then they make the Universe a better place.

Is there a problem with koi ponds? No, really?!

The main problem for koi is they have to live in a wrongly built ponds. They pollute themselves and dye.  Koi is a specific breed of carp, a very special one. And, by the way, unbelievably expensive. Some cost tens thousands. The older a koi is, the bigger it's grown and, along with its size the price gets higher. Color, spots patterns also play role in the pricing of a koi fish, because it is very difficult to grow up a perfectly selected example. It is also difficult to keep it safe and healthy through years. That is why the older koi is, the higher is the cost.

Koi needs specific living environment. Nevertheless, unfortunately, many pond builders, who developed themselves out of simple water garden builders, do not know what koi needs and don't care to work harder to ensure fishes will be all right in ponds they built. It is all happening because they build water gardens, not a koi friendly zones. Joey is a koi fish savior. He is a koi zone watch guard.

Quality is Hanako Koi Ponds's basics
Quality is Hanako Koi Ponds's basics
Hanako koi
Hanako Koi Ponds" happy koi

Partners: Hanako Koi Ponds

Joey Acevedo, the owner of Hanako Koi Ponds, grew up surfing on the California coast. Fish would often join him as he waited for the perfect wave. Joey found tranquility in the water and grew passionate about fish.
Joey also grew up learning the art of construction. Twenty years ago, he combined his knowledge and skill of construction, and his love of fish, to create a Koi pond business. It has been the perfect mix. Joey provides amazing environments for his clients’ Koi fish to thrive, and live happy, healthy lives.
Hanako Koi Ponds always utilizes the newest technologies in filtration, aeration, and the different ways to construct Koi ponds.

Hanako Koi Ponds is inspired by its namesake, “Hanako”, Japan’s most famous Koi fish who lived to a record 226 years.


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Partners: WaveDPM

Wave Design Production and Management is a multi tasking creative project by Vita Ramanenka (AKA VITA RAMA).  Vita graduated the State Academy of Arts in Minsk, Belarus as a specialist in fine arts. Studied at the CNN International’s International Professional Program as a TV News Reporter. Worked as a contributor to CNN World Report, assistant producer at BBC World Service in Moscow bureau, documentary director at a number of studios in Moscow.

WaveDPM's dedication is to support creative talents in film, art, music fields and any other gifted projects making a positive difference to the world.

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