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Koi is a big colorful fish selected in Japan. Koi is a breed of carp. Initially it was developed to emphasize a beautiful  peaceful atmosphere of relaxation gardens in the emperor’s palace. Soon, koi became popular all around Japan and, eventually, after many centuries, it finally came to our industrial rashness. Not surprising at all it is growing in a popularity very quickly. Here, in the core of civilization, these beautiful fishes calm down aggressive energies of the stressful world and support tranquility vibes around their owners. This is the ability which made them already a really popular trend and a must have element in every household where a master values a peace of mind.

Koi Zone TV is a YouTube reality show. It’s tells about the conditions for koi to live a long happy life. It advises how to build a correct pond. It gives out ideas of beautiful designs. It discusses issues we face when maintain our water gardens. It presents many forms of water features we can construct at back yards or, if you wish, at a front yard areas. It shows a lot of beautiful footage with koi, gold fish, turtles and other possible water pets.

The show host is Joey Acevedo, the man of more than 20 years of koi ponds construction experience. He shares his knowledge with Koi Zone TV viewers in every episode:

  • Beautiful design ideas for a pond with waterfall,
  • what is a good underwater lighting for a koi pond,
  • fountains for a pond,
  • how to make a long lasting liner under a reasonable budget,
  • how to set up a filter,
  • why koi fish prefers depth,
  • what are marks showing us a fish feels happy or bad.

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Joey Acevedo of Hanako Koi Ponds

Tribute to Veterans on Veterans Day

This Koi Zone Episode is featuring Hanako Koi Ponds work at California Veterans home at Barstow.

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Best waterproof material for ponds

Paul Parszik of Artisan Aquatics presents polyurea, the bulletproof material came to ponds construction from a military field.

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Underwater fishes and turtles life

Ever wondering what are fishes doing in a depth? Let’s check out!

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