Cutting Boards

True Mementos Personalized Cutting Board is a nice-looking and always useful present. Is it your friend’s party and your friend is fond of cooking? Well, we can make a beautiful Personalized Cutting Board especially for the occasion. .



True Mementos Personalized Compasses make gorgeous inspirational gifts for many occasions. All our compasses are well functioning, of a high-quality steel, laser engraved with any memorable phrase of your choice.


Card Holders

True Mementos Personalized Cardfolder is an elegant office present, which will fit in any corporate style. Whether you’re congratulating your colleague or friend, the rules are the same – everyone needs his individual business style.


More ideas

Ordering gifts with us is a very simple procedure, just fill in and send the form from the shop. If you are having any questions about the product, our team is always there to help you to enjoy the best moments with friends and family.

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True Mementos Gifts


We in True Mementos Gifts are glad to help you deliver all best emotions and memories to the ones you care about. Here you can get your own high quality personalized gifts and inspirations for any special occasions and furthermore it is absolutely affordable! Mementos custom made gifts sure is a thoughtful way to show your love, care or your happiness for someone’s achievements.

Any memorable event requires a special approach that’s why we offer special customizations for very different occasions. It means that we will carefully craft your present due to the theme of celebration so that it will always remind your close persons of the happiness of their special moment. Below you will find a list of themes to choose:

  • anniversary
  • wedding
  • new born
  • birth date
  • love
  • business partnership
  • memorable moments
  • memento

What does really make True Memento gifts lively and personalized is your opportunity to have your own wishes nicely laser engraved on the surface of the gift. But sometimes not only wishes play role, that’s why you can choose to engrave names of the persons you are congratulating, a memorable date and event which will perfectly suit for a wedding, birth of a child or baptism. You can even pick an inspirational quote for a present to your colleague or business partner. What a freedom for inspiration! And there’s even more ideas:

  • engraved presents
  • inspirational quotes on gifts
  • custom wishes
  • memento
  • words of celebration
  • business appreciation

Of course the perfect gift to say “I care of you” should not only carry memory and be personalized but also be useful in everyday life, so we offer you a list of presents, none of which will end up forgotten on a shelf. Moreover another big advantage of True Mementos gifts is that each one of them is eco-friendly and high quality. You can choose any of these useful custom-made gifts now:

  • Wooden Pen Sets
  • Personalized Wallets
  • Pocket Watches
  • Wooden Clocks
  • Decanters
  • Keychains
  • Compasses
  • IPhone cases
  • Gifts for Her
  • Gift sets
  • Gifts for Him
  • Cutting boards
  • Coasters
  • Business card holders

The best present is the one which makes a gift giver satisfied himself, so our team strives to craft your present with most care and as soon as possible for you to feel comfortable. Our True Mementos Gifts guarantee your satisfaction because every personalized gift we produce is:

  • eco-friendly
  • high quality wood materials
  • high quality leather materials
  • high quality metal products
  • affordable
  • Handmade items
  • Made to order

  • For you always faund the home way
  • The dinner is coming
  • Tight your business

You are welcome to shop right now by checking out our stocks and customizing your true mementos. Feel free to place gifts and ideas into your shopping cart, so than it would be easy to compare and choose the best ones for your dearest persons.

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